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                          Welcome to Shenzhen College of International Education
                          At SCIE, our students are ambitious and motivated to be the best in their chosen fields; likewise our teachers are driven to challenge them and help them achieve their goals.

                          Congratulations to our 30 students from SCIE who have received conditional offers from Cambridge and Oxford.

                          A special congratulations go to Tina Chen Yumingwho has been accepted to study law at the University of Oxford. The high social status of lawyers and the bright prospect of employment makes the competition of getting into law major very fierce. It is also among the ten most difficult majors to get in at Oxford. ?And Lareina Liu Leyan stands out because of her admissions to Economics and Management major in The University of Oxford. Judging from the official undergraduate admissions report released by The University of Oxford, the difficulty of recruitment to this major ranked first at The University of Oxford and the average admission rate in the world last year was 6% only. Merely 10 international students have been admitted outside the UK this year.

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